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"We've been in operation for 15 Years Now !"

15 April 2018: We're still here accepting Scouting sites to our Scouting Webring, Take time to add your today.

10 Feburary 2017: Take time to add your scouting site to our Scoutnet webring. Thanks for stopping bye to check our webring out.

12 May 2015: We're still accepting scouting sites to our ring, We've had a few problems with the webring program. They are corrected now, thanks for you patience in this matter.

10 Dec 2011: We're still accepting scouting sites to our ring, submitt your site Here .

2 Feb 2008: We're updating more services, check out the world scout site listings and submitt your site there too. http://inter.scoutnet.org/worldmap.html

12 May 2007: For some reason, (since the 1st of the year) the mail server stopped sending any emails. So, We updated our web pages and the program that runs our webring. We have tested the New Program and it's working properly now, so add your site today.

16 January 2006: The New Scoutnet Webring System has been operation for almost Three Years now and some of the sites from the old webring still have not moved to the new webring system. You can add your site to our Scoutnet Webring System by going to our registration page and add your website into the ring.
After the registration you will automaticly recieve your webring code by email you should add to the site!

7 May 2003: The new Scoutnet Webring system is operational. Members who did add there site only at webring.org, can switch over to the new system by going to the registration page and add the site into the ring.
After the registration you will automaticly recieve your webring code by email you should add to the site!
We recommend everyone not to remove themself from the old system within 2 months because it will take some time before any site is switched over. The end of August the old ring will be disabled.

5 May 2003: Scoutnet Webring is going to move. If older members of the ring are not in the current list, may be added soon.
If you want to know what your simple text code will be go to the Skins and Codepage.

Tom has done a good job lately as ringmaster, so it's time to announce him as the Upper-ringmaster. In the meantime Marcel is busy with updating all pages, so there will be less errors and more information to come... Please be patient. If you see any error or need support upgrading from the old to the new server then you might consider contact with the ring,- or webmaster. For contact click here.

Last update: 15.April.2018
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