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The rules of The Scoutnet WebRing:

Important rules and agreements.

"The main rule is the scouting promes and it's absolutely free."

The rules of The Scoutnet WebRing:

  • You must have Functioning Webring Graphics Prominently displayed on the page you submit. This should be the main page of your site, or a webring page.

  • The Webring must always link to the page that houses your Webring Graphics.
    If you decide to have a "
    Webring Portal", you must update Our Webring Database with a link to this page.

  • The page that 'houses' the Webring Graphics must be reachable from most of the pages within the Site.
    If you have a "splash-page", it
    MUST be linked to from within the site.

  • You must submit the true URL for your Site. Sites that are submitted with "come.to", "surf.to" etc., or other aliased URLs, will be refused membership.

  • If you have two versions of your site, for example "Framed or Unframed", "German or English" etc., you must display a copy of the Webring Graphics on "each version" of your site.

  • You never remove our code without (temporarily) removing yourself from the ring.

  • Your site must be 90%+ Scouting related.

  • Your site must also appear "Interesting" to others. A list of members and their current rank / award level is not acceptable. Similarly a site comprising the name of your Group and the words "This Site is Under Construction" is not acceptable either.

  • A Single Links page is not acceptable for Membership.

  • You Cannot target scouts to sell anything !

  • You AGREE TO THESE POLICES, when you submitted your site to our Webring System.

    You Must Display the Webring Code & Graphic on your Site within Three Days of Submitting your Site.
    Failure to do so will result in your site's information being removed from the system.

    Submit your site --->> HERE <<---

    Last update: 10.Feburary.2017
    Disclaimer: Global Scoutnet has nothing to do with "GSO"; any resemblance with their name is an unfortunate accident.
    For info about Global Scoutnet please write Global Coordinator (Gino Lucrezi).
    For comments about this site write Webring Webmaster (Marcel van Tongeren), or Webring Ringmaster (Tom Hilton).
    With compliments to the Ringlink Author (Gunnar Hjalmarsson) and the Mailform Author (Nadine Gaine).
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